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The beginners guide to meditation


When I was told in a webinar that Meditation could solve all my problems. I got to admit I was very skeptical.

I was against all this new age thinking, and I always thought that you had to be in the lotus position or some other type of awkward position to do meditation, it really held a mystique for me.

I thought MedItation was something the Beatles, and the Maharishi did, right!
I couldn’t imagine myself doing it.
During this time in my life, I was in a very agitated state and thought this will never work for me and for a short while it didn’t but I persevered.

Eventually, it did change things for me, I went from being a depressed, anxious, aggressive drunken man to the fun-loving adult I used to be when I was younger.

Because it has had such an impact on my life I decided that I wanted to help others and pay back to the world so here is my very simple
Beginners Guide To Meditation

So how do you go about it?
Well, I invite you now to clear your mind and keep it clear for just 15 seconds, and when I say keep it clear I mean you think of nothing.

Did you manage to do it?

Congratulations you have just meditated it wasn’t hard to do, was it?
You see Meditation is easy to do and its good for you too.
I am definitely proof of that.

I couldn’t hold more than 5 seconds during my first few attempts, I was constantly on edge, like a cat on a hot tin roof, and I couldn’t stay still for a second.

Meditation, as you will discover, can be both relaxing and fun I always thought it was the pursuit of musicians or lazy people who didn’t want to work, but just sit there all day in that funny position with their legs crossed, arms out, and their fingers pointing upwards with the thumb touching the tip of another finger.


But I was so wrong, now I meditate every day and every night.
As a result, I am healthier calmer and a much more focused person

Many top business people and celebrities from the world of sport, from the world of Television, Film, and Theatre, rely on meditation because they can guarantee that they can unwind from the stresses of a very busy sometimes even chaotic lifestyle using various methods of meditation

The beginner’s guide to Meditation is very simple and its easy to implement

1. Make time

Just set aside a little period of time for yourself, to do it.
You could be anywhere so long as you have a relatively quiet place to meditate. It could be in the garden, in the bathroom, living room, in your car, on a bus, even on a plane.

There are many types of meditation you can do, and some can be downloaded and played on audio devices, The audio can contain specially written music for meditation, nature sounds like running water, thunder, wind, rain, and fire, or you can have a guided meditation by a softly spoken guide. Who will instruct you to do breathing exercises, and get you to start thinking certain things that will eventually get you very relaxed and become immersed in the meditation?

Very often the instructor is accompanied by music which helps to calm you too. Sometimes frequency tones and what they call beats are added to the music which matches the brainwave frequencies this again helps the body and mind to get into a rhythm.

You can listen to them using headphones, the latest of which can block out background noise. Some are also designed to be played through audio speakers too.

2 Be kind to yourself

You know, we always put too much expectation on our actions. When we fail to live up to our standards we can be very hard on ourselves. So having tried the 15 seconds exercise you could try 30 seconds, then maybe try one 1 minute, then 3, 5, 10 minutes and so on.

You don’t need scented candles, burning incense, essential oils. special mats or even Tibetan sound bowls, although they have been known to enhance the experience especially when you know how to use them. But for now, your just getting started.

3 Decide what works best for you.

Do you want guided, or unguided meditation? With added tones, or beats ? Would you prefer music, or nature sounds? a particular favorite of mine.

How would you like to perform the meditation sitting or lying down?

Don’t worry if you fall asleep, because you can easily nod off when you become so relaxed. However, your subconscious mind is still absorbing the information.

As you begin to understand your needs you will come to know what works for you, and like me, you will grow to love meditation.

It’s important to mention do not do this while driving or operating machinery.

Belief is everything to the mind (A tragic tale)



How are you doing

Its a crisp cold day here in London and it’s reminded me of a story that I read a while ago now which just enforced upon me.

Just how powerful the mind is….

But the problem is many people use that power in a negative way

The following is a true story and I am warning you in advance it doesn’t end well….

A refrigeration engineer was called by a rail company to fix a unit on one of a goods trains carriages. 


Now because he was concentrating on his work he didn’t realise that someone was calling out to him.

So when he didn’t answer 

The rail engineer thought he had gone

Every thing is not always as it appears

Suddenly the carriage door was slammed shut and then a further clang of metal sounded like the carriage had been locked

He sprang to his feet and started shouting

“Hey buddy you locked me in !! ”

“Hey i’m locked in !! ” “Help!! ” “Heeeelp!!”

But the noise of another goods train going by drowned out his cries.


Related imageWhen terror kicks in reason disappears

As time passed by he heard the sickening click of the unit turning on and the whirring of the compressor as it started up.

Within minutes it got colder and colder…

He tried banging on the door and then he used his hammer and the biggest screwdriwer he had ..

Image result for pics of a cold chisel and club hammer











When that didn’t work he  tried a cold chisel and a club hammer to try and prise open the carriage door

but it wouldn’t open for him

 he worked fevourishly for hours to try to escape this ordeal

But with the increasing drop in temperature he eventually collapsed from exhaustion fell into unconsciousness and died.

The next day they found the poor engineer slumped in the corner of the carriage.

He had tragically frozen to death during the night. 

There are two surprising facts about this tragedy

The carriage door hadn’t been locked  and even more of a mystery to the investigation team was that the engineer hadn’t even repaired the unit

Furher engineers agreed that the unit was still not working

So you see he had convinced himself  in his mind he was going to freeze to death and he did….

At a time of year when it just wasn’t cold enough for that too happen.

The noise of the refrigeration unit was from the next carriage along

Now If you can convince yourself of something negatively then it stands to reason you can convince yourself positively too


What Does The Mind Look Like?


We think in pictures

If I asked you what colour your car was you could tell me it was red or blue
if I asked you what color the interior was,
again you could probably tell me instantly it was grey or black or cream

SO if i asked whether you had refrigerator in your kitchen, then I am guessing you would probably say yes.

Right OK how many fridge magnets do you have on there.


Did you mentally go in to your kitchen to see for yourself and start counting them?

OR maybe you don’t have any.

The mistake most people make

Now tell me what your mind looks like?

Do you know most people think of the brain when you ask this question.

But your brain is not your mind anymore than your big toenail is.

Your mind is in every cell of your being whereas your brain is a complex electronic switching station and i can prove it, especially if we injure ourselves.

So when we stub our toe we do this ridiculous pain dance. Hopping irately on one foot holding on to the sore foot with our hands.

As we hold the foot and hop about we are then giving the brain instructions to tell the muscles, ligaments and bones in the leg to move.
Including feeling the soothing sensation of touch as we hold the toe.

These actions interrupt the pain message to the brain and therefore pain diminishes but as soon as you stop the pain returns with a vengeance.

Same as when we were kids and we came off our bikes or the park amusements and hurt our elbows or our knees mom would say rub it better.

Again the exact process is happening this time the brain has received the bashed elbow pain message

But again counters with moving the left or right arm to the elbow to rub it, we also have the sensation of touch as the hand rubs the damaged area, again the pain decreases.

but when we stop the pain returns as the brain switches from one state to the other do you understand?

The first drawing of the mind

IN 1942 A doctor called Dr George Thurman Fleet speaking at a conference in front of his fellow doctors drew the
first representation of the mind.

This drawing we now know as the “Stickperson”

First he drew a large circle Then a small circle underneath it, then he drew a line linking the small circle to the large.

He then drew lines either side of the small circle then two diagonal at the bottom of the circle
“Let the big circle be the mind and the small circle be the body”

Then he drew a line across the middle of the big circle and he said
“Let this top half of the mind be the conscious mind and the bottom half the sub-conscious mind”

The  Stickperson

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